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The second in City in reaches to transport the equipments manufacturing limited company, a Zhejiang southeast along sea, the transportation is convenient.Is a profession to be engaged in in the one of the industry flowing water line design, manufactory houses.The company is since start a business, being in the light of:" make people the center, the technology is first" of way, own a good design troops with enrich empirical employee's troops.The product expands continuously, creative, became to transport the equipments, the flowing water line assembles, drawing to pack warehouse etc. series product.It is extensive to used for the vapor , home appliances, instrument appearance, the machine gives or get an electric shock, electronics etc. profession, pass our transport, economize the energy more, increases production effect.

Products of our company: assembly line of miniature car, accessories of automobile, supplemental inflatable restraint system, gear box, gasoline machine, colour TV, computer, refrigerator, air conditioner, motor as well as various other assembly lines. It successively provides excellent products and services for Jialing, Huawei Lianlong, Jianshi Lock Industry, Samsung motor, Dongben Industry, Gangteng Industrial Loncin.And the products are exported to Middle East, African countries, they enjoy good repuration in the same calling.

The second reaches company will a such as since to of provide the high-quality design and make, install, adjust to try, transport, maintain to wait the complete set service for you.